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I just want to say a massive thank you to Dr Miguel Polonia for being so supportive and helping me feel more confident with Cfast. It was amazing, I can't believe how quickly it was done...I'm so much more confident. Thank you so much!' Chloe


I was able to get perfect results within 4 months and I now have the Hollywood smile I've always wanted.

Anon 2023

Just want to say a big thank you to you all. I now have the perfect teeth in just 5 months and will be able to smile at my wedding. I would recommend Cfast to anyone, just wish I had done it sooner. Thank you all again

M Slater

I have been delighted with the results my Cfast brace has given me. In under 3 months, my smile has been transformed. I am looking forward to getting married with a smile I can be proud of. Thanks to Cfast for their professional and outstanding customer support. I would recommend to all my friends for sure.

A. Jade, Essex

Just want to say a big thank you to you all. I now have the perfect teeth in just 6 months and will be able to smile with confidence at my wedding. Would recommend to everyone just wish I had it done sooner. Thank you all again.x

Moira Weir

I had a 6 month treatment and am delighted with the results, would highly recommend this practice to anyone interested in making over their smile!

Kayleigh Mackenzie

On a routine visit to my dental practice I happened to pick up a Cfast brochure. Four months later the braces were taken off and I have been walking around with a grin on my face since.

Gavin A Neate

I wore the Cfast brace for just five months and I now have almost perfectly straight teeth. It honestly has put a big smile on my face. The braces are not painful and they're not at all obvious. The result is amazing. I would whole-heartedly recommend Cfast to anyone.

Charlotte McMillan

Just finished treatment of Cfast and am absolutely delighted with the results. I would recommend to everyone. Thanks again, I can't stop smiling.

Sharon Smith

Perfect results within 4 months and I now have the Hollywood smile I always wanted.

Jason Wilson

My front upper teeth crossed over quite a bit and this made me very self conscious when smiling. I now can't believe that it is my teeth that I am looking at, they are completely different and lovely and straight.

Linda Curran

After having fixed braces as a child for several years, I was reluctant to have fixed braces again. I can't believe how quickly the results were achieved and couldn't be happier with the results.

Ainsley McPhee

I finally have a beautiful set of straightened teeth for the first time in over 15 years. My confidence has soared; no more hiding my face or looking away from people when I talk! To think that it's all been achieved within eight months is incredible.

Rhona Deb

The braces you fitted were hardly noticeable. I am extremely happy with my teeth now which I'd previously hidden away every time a photo was taken. I'm now smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Kenny Inglis

After Cfast my teeth are like night and day and I have the "Hollywood smile" I've always wanted!

Sarah Mitchell

I would never have thought it would be possible to have straight teeth within such a short space of time.

Clayre Todd