let their smiles do the talking

I just want to say a massive thank you to Dr Miguel Polonia for being so supportive and helping me feel more confident with Cfast. It was amazing, I can't believe how quickly it was done...I'm so much more confident. Thank you so much!' Chloe


I was able to get perfect results within 4 months and I now have the Hollywood smile I've always wanted.

Anon 2023

Just want to say a big thank you to you all. I now have the perfect teeth in just 5 months and will be able to smile at my wedding. I would recommend Cfast to anyone, just wish I had done it sooner. Thank you all again

M Slater

I have been delighted with the results my Cfast brace has given me. In under 3 months, my smile has been transformed. I am looking forward to getting married with a smile I can be proud of. Thanks to Cfast for their professional and outstanding customer support. I would recommend to all my friends for sure.

A. Jade, Essex

Just want to say a big thank you to you all. I now have the perfect teeth in just 6 months and will be able to smile with confidence at my wedding. Would recommend to everyone just wish I had it done sooner. Thank you all again.x

Moira Weir

I had a 6 month treatment and am delighted with the results, would highly recommend this practice to anyone interested in making over their smile!

Kayleigh Mackenzie

On a routine visit to my dental practice I happened to pick up a Cfast brochure. Four months later the braces were taken off and I have been walking around with a grin on my face since.

Gavin A Neate

I wore the Cfast brace for just five months and I now have almost perfectly straight teeth. It honestly has put a big smile on my face. The braces are not painful and they're not at all obvious. The result is amazing. I would whole-heartedly recommend Cfast to anyone.

Charlotte McMillan

Just finished treatment of Cfast and am absolutely delighted with the results. I would recommend to everyone. Thanks again, I can't stop smiling.

Sharon Smith

Perfect results within 4 months and I now have the Hollywood smile I always wanted.

Jason Wilson

My front upper teeth crossed over quite a bit and this made me very self conscious when smiling. I now can't believe that it is my teeth that I am looking at, they are completely different and lovely and straight.

Linda Curran

After having fixed braces as a child for several years, I was reluctant to have fixed braces again. I can't believe how quickly the results were achieved and couldn't be happier with the results.

Ainsley McPhee

I finally have a beautiful set of straightened teeth for the first time in over 15 years. My confidence has soared; no more hiding my face or looking away from people when I talk! To think that it's all been achieved within eight months is incredible.

Rhona Deb

The braces you fitted were hardly noticeable. I am extremely happy with my teeth now which I'd previously hidden away every time a photo was taken. I'm now smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Kenny Inglis

After Cfast my teeth are like night and day and I have the "Hollywood smile" I've always wanted!

Sarah Mitchell

I would never have thought it would be possible to have straight teeth within such a short space of time.

Clayre Todd

Q. What is cfast?

Cfast is a simple cosmetic system which uses Fixed or Removable orthodontic appliances specially designed to straighten the front teeth of adults to provide a significant improvement in the appearance of their smile in a time frame of usually less than 6 months.

Q. How does it work?

There are many ways to move your front teeth but the most common are:

1. Using a tooth coloured brace that is fixed to the front of your teeth (Cfast Fixed). Cosmetic Nickel Titanium wires work in conjunction with clear brackets to gently align the teeth into a better position using very light forces. Because the appliance has tooth coloured brackets and wires it is very discreet.
2. Braces that can be used on the inside of your teeth (Invisible Brace) which are completely discreet and

3. Clear Aligners (Cfast Removable) for those patients that prefer a removable option for eating and public speaking.

Your dentist will be best placed to discuss with you what is most appropriate in your case.

Q. Why is it so fast?

Cfast focuses on just the front teeth, the teeth you can see when you smile for a purely cosmetic improvement. Teeth at the front of the mouth have just one root and the bone here is less dense than at the back of the mouth. As such, treatment can be concluded in a significantly shorter time frame when compared with traditional braces.

Conventional orthodontics repositions all the teeth in your mouth including the ones at the back which adds significantly to the time - usually around 18-24 months. Since most adults are not concerned about the position of their back teeth and want to avoid lengthy treatments, Cfast provides an ideal solution.

Q. Is it better than traditional braces or orthodontics?

Cfast should not be compared to traditional orthodontics or braces. The main aim of traditional orthodontics is to move the teeth and jaws, mainly of children, into an ideal relationship so that they will function well when biting and chewing. Cfast is aimed only at adults and is carried out purely for cosmetic reasons. The alternative to Cfast will be crowns or veneers which usually involve the enamel of otherwise healthy teeth to be drilled down and as such can be quite destructive. Moving teeth into a better position avoids having to carry out other more damaging treatments.

Q. Is it painful?

As with any orthodontic procedure there can be some discomfort for a few days after an appliance is fitted. However because with Cfast the forces are very light usually after the first 7-10 days there should be little to no pain at all. During treatment you may find that the teeth become a little mobile and sensitive to pressure.

This is quite normal and will fully resolve when the appliance is removed.

Q. Are there any complications?

Not everyone will be suitable for treatment and cases are only selected where we can achieve a significant improvement in appearance in a reasonable time frame. There may be underlying health conditions or problems with some of your existing teeth which may mean that treatment either cannot be performed or needs to be modified.

Your dentist will be able to discuss with you in detail about your particular situation as every case is different.

Q. Will I be restricted in what I can eat?

If you have opted for a fixed brace then it is advisable to avoid hard foods such as nuts, popcorn, crusty bread or any such foods that may accidentally dislodge the brackets. It is also best to stay away from heavily coloured foods which may on occasion stain the brace, however if this does happen your dentist will be able to easily restore the cosmetic appearance.

With removable aligners, it is best that these are removed before eating or drinking.

Q. Will I have problems cleaning my teeth?

It can be a little more challenging to clean your teeth if you are wearing a brace. However good oral hygiene is very important during treatment and your dentist or dental hygienist will show you how to best look after your teeth as well as suggest the right products to use.

Q. How will I know what kind of result I can expect?

Cfast can provide you with 3D computer imaging as well as models to accurately show you what your teeth should look like following the straightening procedure.

Q. How long does treatment take?

Cfast is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry know as cosmetic orthodontics or short-term orthodontics. By definition treatment times are significantly shorter than conventional orthodontics. Treatment should take no longer than 9 months but the vast majority are complete in a 4-6 month period.

Your Dentist will be able to give you a rough idea of how long treatment will take in your case when you attend for your initial consultation.

Q. Will I need to wear retainers?

Regardless of how teeth are moved, either by normal orthodontics, Cfast Fixed or Cfast Removable, if they are not held in position there is a strong possibility that they will start to move in time. The Cfast protocol provides two types of retainers following any treatment; a fixed retainer which is permanently bonded to the back of the teeth as well as a removable retainer which is worn overnight. The removable retainer, which is worn every night is the main retainer. It is advisable that for the first year you wear the retainer every night while sleeping only and 3-4 nights per week thereafter. As long as you wear your removable retainer your teeth will not move.

The fixed retainer is a very thin metal strip which is invisible and provides a belts and braces approach to retention. It is the back-up retainer and is there to ensure that there is no significant tooth movement should the removable retainer become lost or damaged. Fixed retainers can last over 2 years and may require repair or replacement. Your dentist will explain retainers in more detail when you attend for your initial consultation.
It is essential that you follow the advice of your Cfast treatment provider.

Q. Will I need to have teeth taken out?

With Cfast extractions are not required. Space to relieve crowding is gained by gently easing the contact points between the teeth using a polishing strip. This creates a very small space between the teeth that allow them to move and slide past each other into a more ideal position.

The conservative removal of enamel between the teeth using these special polishing strips is very safe and a well-recognised procedure in dentistry and does not damage the teeth.
In rare circumstances the dentist may advocate the removal of a front tooth in the lower jaw if there is extreme crowding. However, if this is required you will be consulted fully and further special investigations will be carried out before proceeding.

Q. How much does it cost?

Treatment costs vary and depend on whether you are treating just one jaw or both jaws and whether there are any particular circumstances which may make treatment more complicated than normal. In general the costs are comparable to other orthodontic and cosmetic procedures. Your dentist will be able to assess costs when you attend for your initial consultation.

Q. Is the price inclusive - are there any hidden costs?

When you attend for your initial consultation the dentist will explain in detail what the price of treatment includes and provide a written estimate explaining in detail what the associated costs are. In general though the price will cover the initial investigations, fitting the appliance and all review appointments including adjustments required as well as the retainers. Extra's such as tooth whitening and modifications to the shape of teeth following the straightening process are usually charged separately.